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Is Garbage Service Mandatory?

To answer the question “Is garbage service mandatory?”, garbage service is mandatory in most U.S cities and towns, but this doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the company provided. If you’re living in a city that provides garbage service, chances are you’re paying for it with your taxes. Some cities and towns allow individual  “subscription” garbage services, where residents can sign up for a monthly fee to have their trash taken away by the company they prefer. If you have extra trash that goes beyond pickup, are fed up with your current provider,  or live in an area where you need to organize trash pickup, finding a skilled company for your removal services can be crucial.

Garbage needs to be properly removed from your home or business, but it isn’t always mandatory, especially in commercial leases and in some rural areas. The majority of U.S cities and towns provide curbside garbage pickup service for residents, but some areas are exempt from service.

In the same way that there are ways to dispose of other types of debris and junk, there are also ways to dispose of garbage. There are many services available that will haul away just about any trash from your home or business – but you’ll need to consider all of your options before putting anything in a dumpster.

The Reasons You Should Hire a Garbage Service

Depending on your needs, choosing a garbage company can be a tough decision. To help you out, we’ve compiled the following list of reasons why you should hire one instead of doing everything yourself: 

1) Higher Quality Service 

Hiring a company is always better than individual homeowners as companies have dedicated employees who work exclusively for their clients. This means that you’ll get someone who knows the area and the dump’s layout pretty well.

2) More Cost-Effective 

Hiring a garbage company ensures that all costs are in one place, making your overall expenditure lower. All you need to do is pay a flat monthly fee.

3) Time-Efficient

With a company, you won’t have to worry about spending the time and effort going to the dump or paying for expensive tools to clean your garage.

4) Hassle-Free 

As the garbage company will do all the dirty work, you’ll only need to do the ones that you’re comfortable doing.

5) Safety

The best garbage companies have a full staff of professionals who work on-site and are equipped with all necessary tools to dispose of them safely. Because they’re trained to handle waste in a safe environment, your home won’t get damaged in any way.

6) Convenience 

Garbage companies allow you to schedule an appointment and will come on time. You won’t have to worry about picking up the phone to tell them when you’re ready. Also, a professional company will handle all types of waste and debris, including carpets, appliances, dirt, and gross trash.

7) Great Customer Service 

Whether it’s a call center or location visit for questions and queries, garbage companies ensure that all their customers are taken care of appropriately.

8) Saves time 

Hiring a trash disposal service means you’ll have to worry less about cleaning your garage, attic, or basement. All you’ll need to do is give them a call, and they’ll send someone to pick up your junk.

9) Peace of Mind 

With a garbage company, you’ll never have to worry about the tedious task of cleaning out your garage or face being charged for illegal dumping as they follow all local rules and regulations.

Hopefully, we cleared up any questions like “is garbage service mandatory?” Don’t waste your time and money trying to do it yourself or putting up with a service you don’t like. When you hire a garbage company like Tote Enterprises, you’ll get peace of mind that your area is being taken care of properly and efficiently without any stress whatsoever. And if you ever have a problem, just call Tote Enterprises at 727-422-0736. You’ll be treated like royalty!

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