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How To Remove a Tree Stump

A pesky tree stump can quickly change your gardening and landscaping plans. Digging down to find a stump or preparing to move a pesky stump can be difficult. You can’t just dig it up and then plant it somewhere else because once the roots have developed from old tree stumps, they can spread and make it quite difficult to remove from your property or develop the land near a stump. Always leave it to the professionals. If you are wondering how to remove a tree stump contact us today. Here are a few techniques for stump removal.

How To Kill the Roots

First, you will need to use a plug-in soil sterilizer to kill any remaining roots. Soak the soil around the stump with water and let it sit overnight. This will make it easier to get a sense of the depth of the root system, which is important when ordering your sterilizer plugs.

How To Dig a Hole

For most stump removals, you will need to dig a hole for your sterilizer and then pour the solution into the hole. Typically, you should use a tiller to make the hole and then pour in the solution. This is also a good time to look for any other roots that may be in the way. If you have discovered that your tree has a large and hardy root system, you may need to use a saw instead of a tiller.

How To Remove the Stump

After all the roots have been killed, it’s time to remove the stump. Scoop out around it with a sturdy shovel and chip away at it until it is gone. It’s also good to use this opportunity to level your lawn or garden area for future uses.

1. Grinding Machine

One way to remove tree stumps is using a grinding machine. The machine will cut into the stump, root and all, and grind it into a pile of mulch. The only disadvantage with this is that sometimes metal rubbing against metal can cause sparks as the metal is cut into, so use extreme caution when using this method.

2. Tiller Rotary Mower

Using a tiller rotary mower, you can remove tree stumps and roots in a highly efficient way. This will also cut down on the amount of time you have to spend doing this. It’s very inexpensive, too, so it won’t cost you any money to buy one.

3. Lamination Saw

Lamination saws are great for cutting into tree stumps and roots and dealing with them safely. An advantage to this is that the blades are made from diamond steel, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about wearing out a blade or getting it dulled. Also, this will cut through roots and help get tree stumps free more efficiently.

4. Rotary Cutter Machine

Combine a rotary cutter with an electric hand saw to remove tree stumps easily and quickly to use a machine similar to a lawnmower. This will also save time because you won’t have to do the process manually.

5. Extraction Machine

An extraction machine is the best way to safely and effectively get tree stumps out of the ground. This method can make quick work of those hard-to-reach tree stumps and is safe for children and pets. It’s also a great way to get rid of tree stumps without any mess, which makes it easy if you’re doing this in your yard.

Once you have removed the old tree stump, you can plant a new tree in its place.

If you need help with removing a stump, call Tote Enterprises Tree Service today at 727-422-0736. We pride ourselves on our quality work and excellent customer service. We offer fair rates for all of our services while offering the best possible solutions.

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